Parent and Family Support

All families will receive instruction in behavior therapy techniques with an emphasis on incidental or naturalistic uses of these techniques. Parents bring individual concerns to the attention of the Team Leader or Executive Director so that specific training plans can be developed and/or an in home recommendation can be made. For example, a child who does not tolerate having his haircut may have "practice" hair cut sessions during his regular programming and his parents would be taught how to further desensitize him to this experience at home.

When a family signs on with IBT they enter into a contract that outlines not only what is expected of the family but also what the family can expect from IBT. Families are provided with a "Policies and Providers" manual which outlines IBT practices, company information and session/provider requirements.

Parent Responsibility

Because this type of intervention service is precise and systematic, it requires that parents make every reasonable effort to comply with the recommendations of the consultant with regard to programming/instructional recommendations for their child. This includes procedures designed to reduce problematic behaviors. It is important for parents to remember that the child's program is tailored for his/her unique needs, and that as the function of the behavior changes, so does the intervention technique.

As a team member, it remains their responsibility to oversee the home program, ensuring that therapists are following the program as outlined by the attending psychologist. This includes assuming the responsibilities of the lead therapist if no one has been appointed.

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