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IBT actively works to raise fund to support our cause through fundraising events such as the Autism Heroes Run in Pittsburg and Manhattan and the Bowl Over Autism in Kansas City.  We are always looking for new ideas and support of fundraising initiatives in the communities in which we serve.  Donations are always welcome to help support the services we provide.  Donations help the following initiatives:
Treatment Scholarships Not all families of children with autism in Kansas have access to adequate medical coverage for effective and necessary treatment for autism.  Many families who have insurance coverage face deductibles, copays, and coinsurance up to $12,000/year.  Your donation allows us to help make treatment affordable for families who would not be able to afford it otherwise.
Mileage - Many children and families in rural Kansas would be able to access treatment without the willingness of IBT staff to travel long distances.  In fact, our consultants average about 42 miles/week for each client they serve.  Your donation helps cover the costs of travel to these rural locations.
Therapy Supplies - There are hidden costs to ABA therapy.  Once a family covers the costs of staffing their therapy teams, they still have to set up a therapeutic environment in their home and cover the costs of supplies such as printing reinforcers and stimuli.  Your donations allow us to cover the costs of these supplies for our families. 


Integrated Behavioral Technologies, Inc. would like to thank the following for their generous contributions. With their help, IBT will be able to continue its mission of making ABA services accessible to families, regardless of location or financial need.

The Dover Family
Cody McHenry
Aaron Powell
Mikayla McHenry
Alexandra Gustafson
George B Semb
Ruth Fowler
Mikayla McHenry
Brenda Dyke
Ron Johnson
Sue Fox
Jill Koertner
Nicole Wence
Frank Loeffler & Phyllis Carozza
Keith Moore
Michael Singleton
Scott Asner
Thomas McGuire
Edward P Milbank
Mike Berkley Family Foundation
Schefers Roofing Company
Mike White
Debra Boyce
Big Industrial Management, LLC
John E. Hortareas DO,PLLC
Pamba Carolan
Dr. Jay Buzhardt
David & Kirsten Sneid
The Study Group
Katherine Douglas
Judith Wheeler
University of Kansas Medical Research Center
Katherine Douglas
David & Barbara Wagner
Mosher Familiy
Juniper Gardens

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